Helping Hands Family Daycare



Helping Hands Family Daycare was established in 1995. We provide care for children ages 6 weeks old through 3 years old, Monday through Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. We welcome children of all abilities.

Being mostly family-operated, Helping Hands provides continuity of care, a secure bond, and a trusting relationship with families and children. We encourage children to thrive within their individual ages and stages of development, letting that be what leads the way in our daily interactions and the overall childcare environment. We accommodate breastfeeding and families using cloth diapers. We are listening as you express what you want for your child!

We invite you to join our intimate group in making memories and experiences that start and end with giggles.

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Our Mission

Helping Hands Family Daycare is here to make your life easier with support when you need to be away from your precious little one. Through our education in Early Childhood Development and experience in meeting the needs of children with various abilities, Helping Hands utilizes the methodology of the RIE philosophy. We are dedicated to working with children and showing them respect by including them in the discussion and decisions of the day. We support growth and development through our environment, nutritional program, and physical interactions.

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March 2019

Not only does our little one love his time at Helping Hands, but we have learned so much from NaeVonne about how to communicate with our child and understand his developmental milestones.




Fruits & Vegetables in our garden

Including apples, a blueberry bush, and grape and raspberry vines!




And providing support when parents need to be away from their precious little one.



books in our library

We’ve got cloth books, board books, paper books, and more!